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The Virgin Coconut is a website dedicated to provide needed information about virgin coconut oil, from basic facts to health benefits, to latest researches and news about it.
VCO Health Benefits
Topical Uses of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is one of the few herbal supplements that you can enjoy both ways; internally and externally. Taking the recommended dosage of three tablespoons a day of virgin coconut oil is beneficial but simply applying it on skin can also help you in a variety ways.

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From fungal infections to chronic psoriasis….skin diseases can be frustrating. Other skin problems like unsightly scars, warts, and other blemishes can be detrimental to one’s social life and self concept. These diseases doesn’t just cause discomfort, it is also embarrassing. People suffering from various skin disorders often shell out huge amounts of money on expensive ointments and medications. Some would think that the easiest way to have flawless skin is to undergo surgery, the seemingly, easy and fast but nonetheless expensive way. Virgin coconut oil is an option one can try that is natural, effective, and not so costly.

Great Oil for Relaxation

Warm virgin coconut oil is excellent as massage oil. Upon skin absorption, it takes away dirt and improves blood circulation. Unlike other oils; it doesn’t leave too much stain on sheets and clothes. The therapeutic properties of virgin coconut oil soothe aching muscles. Because it is quickly absorbed by the skin, it is recommended to combine virgin coconut oil with good monounsaturated oil (e.g. almond oil).

Treat Skin Problems and other diseases with Virgin Coconut oil

Fever: Massaging virgin coconut oil on whole body will lower body temperature.

Acne: VCO will not make your face oily and greasy. It will clean the pores and clear your face.

Insect Bites: Putting a little VCO on affected area will relieve itching and prevent infection. It can also stop a wound from bleeding and speed healing.

Rough skin: Keep your skin moist by frequent application of virgin coconut oil. Not only will your complexion improve, scars and discoloration on skin will also vanish. Testimonials from mothers that uses VCO says it can prevent stretch marks.  Virgin coconut oil can also be used as a suntan lotion. It will make your skin more resistant to sun’s rays decreasing your chance to have skin cancer.

Athletes Foot and Body Odor: VCO is antibacterial so it kills germs and bacteria that causes body odor. It can also be used to get rid of fungal infections like athletes foot.

Tumors: Tumor is an abnormal growth of cells or tissues. Some tumor can be malignant that requires immediate treatment. Simply rubbing warm VCO on affected area plus proper medication and lifestyle modifications can alter tumor growth.

The Roof the Problem

Your skin problem is often a manifestation of what is happening inside your body. If you are susceptible to fungal infections and other skin irritations, chances are you have a weak immune system. It can also mean that your body is loaded with harmful toxins. Applying virgin coconut oil on problem areas and ingesting VCO can heal the said conditions, as VCO strengthens immune system as well as is a good detoxifier.




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