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The Virgin Coconut is a website dedicated to provide needed information about virgin coconut oil, from basic facts to health benefits, to latest researches and news about it.
Coconut Oil Guide
Maximize the Benefits of Your Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) has been labeled as the healthiest oil on earth because of the many benefits it can do to improve one’s health and cure diseases. However, one still cannot say that all who uses virgin coconut oil gets the same benefits. Quality and freshness can vary per brand or manufacturer and the benefits one can get from it sometimes depend on the user. After buying a VCO, here are things you can do to ensure that you get to enjoy the best of what VCO can offer.


Transfer half of the contents of your virgin coconut oil into another jar or bottle immediately after purchase. This is because you may want to use the other half on your skin while you may need to use some as cooking oil or health supplement. You can keep the one for skin or other beauty purposes in your bathroom. The other half can be stored in the kitchen at normal room temperature. To avoid contamination, any physical contact with VCO should be avoided.


In cooking, virgin coconut oil is also a better alternative to butter because the oil is more stable than other oils. It is also healthier as unlike butter and other oils, VCO has no trans fat and it is considered a food not a supplement. You can also use the melted VCO as spread to a toast, tasty and healthy alternative to other spread


To maximize the benefits of VCO as a moisturizer, try applying it on your skin immediately after taking a bath. That is also the reason why it is ideal to keep it in the bathroom. You can also apply it on your scalp to make hair softer, shinier and thicker.


To ensure that your skin and hair would really be pampered, try heating the VCO by putting the VCO jar in a sink full of hot water before you shower. Do not use a microwave to heat a VCO.  After you shower, use the hot VCO and apply it in your body. Just pour enough oil as applying too much will saturate the skin. Enjoy smooth and healthy skin in a matter of minutes.



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