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Virgin Coconut Oil News
Virgin Coconut Oil: A Hot Online Product


It can be said that the notion that virgin coconut oil (VCO) is loaded with harmful saturated fat has long been forgotten. This is because more and more people are starting to realize and accept the numerous health benefits of using VCO, evident by an Amazon sales report for December 2009 that showed virgin coconut oil as one of the most sought-after products.
Apparently Nutiva, a brand of virgin coconut oil products tops the list of consumer’s choice of natural gifts last Christmas season. The demand for VCO surpasses the request for other organic products such as tea, lollipops, coffee , agave syrup and soymilk.
The founder of Nutiva Founder and CEO, John W Roulac said. “The strong showing on Amazon reveals the public’s increasing awareness of the many health benefits of organic coconut oil.”
Considering the information from Amazon, it seems that more and more Americans want to experience the wonderful benefits of VCO on the body. In the week before Christmas of 2009, Nutiva has seven top sellers in Amazon’s list of Top 100 Organic and Natural Items. One of them is three sizes of Coconut Oil.
The positive testimonials from consumers of Nutiva encouraged others to also give VCO products a try. Some consumers attest that Nutiva is the best tasting out of all the coconut oil they tried. A Facebook survey created by Nutiva also revealed that consumers find VCO a highly versatile product. Virgin coconut oil is used as massage oil, as a hair conditioner, moisturizer, make up remover and in the kitchen as cooking oil and substitute for butter in recipes.

The Nutiva CEO also expressed confidence that coconut oil will continue to be in demand and proote the advancement of their company. Roulac said, “While going through one of the most economically challenging periods since the Great Depression, we’re riding the wave of a tsunami of interest in our products. We plan to continue researching and developing new products that nourish people and the planet.”

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