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Virgin Coconut Oil for Everyday Life
Remove Grease and Make-Up Easily with Coconut Oil

Buying a bottle of virgin coconut oil (VCO) is truly worth it. This is because you can use this naturally healthy oil in a variety of ways. Aside from its health benefits, it can also be useful in so many other things. In this article, we feature two ways on how virgin coconut oil can help make your lives easier.


Do you know that you can use virgin coconut oil to get rid of hard to remove stains and dirt such as grease, oils, paints, varnish, and printing ink? We all know that these things sticks and stays in one’s body. Removing it takes effort because an ordinary soap and cleanser just won’t do.

A hand stained or soiled with greasy liquids such as the ones mentioned above needs a special anti grease detergents and lava soap to get rid of it. It also needs hours of scrubbing be totally grease-free. As it is time consuming and these cleaning agents can be expensive and hard to find, one can just use virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is less expensive and can be as effective.


Coconut oil can remove grease and oils as it has the ability to melt and wipe the oil off easily. Just use a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil and wash the stained body part with it. The grease will dissolve easily. Just wipe remaining oil with a paper towel. After that, just wash the affected body part with regular soap and water. One can opt to add a small amount of corn meal with the coconut oil to make scrubbing easier.


On the other hand, hard to remove make-ups can also be remedied by using virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is a safe, gentle and natural make up remover. You can use it to remove mascara, eye shadows, blush-ons, etc.  It is much cheaper than make up removers and mineral oils but just as effective. To remove make-up using coconut oil, just rub the coconut oil in the face. Wipe off excess oil with a paper tissue and then wash the face with regular soap. After washing face, one can choose to apply a little coconut oil again as a moisturizer.

Virgin Coconut Oil ( 100% Vegetarian )
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