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The Virgin Coconut is a website dedicated to provide needed information about virgin coconut oil, from basic facts to health benefits, to latest researches and news about it.
Virgin Coconut Oil as Medicine
Expel Parasitic Worms: Coconut Meat As Vermifuge

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is extracted from coconut meat so almost all of the health benefits that one can get from the oil is also present in the meat. The meat inside the coconut is very versatile. One can eat it as it is for a filling and nutritious snack. It is also a great ingredient for many tasty recipes. Coconut meat is also rich in fiber which aids in digestion. It also has a special quality that is not present in other fiber-rich foods. Coconut meat can act as a vermifuge so it can be used to expel parasitic worms


Using coconut meat to get rid of parasites and worms is nothing new as it is in fact a traditional practice in India. The effectiveness of coconut meat as vermifuge has also been tested in a study that was conducted in 1984 in a village in Rajasthan India where there are many cases of tapeworm infestation. As the people there are non-vegetarians, they usually get to east raw or improperly cooked beef. The study used fifty individuals infected with parasites volunteered for the study and they let them take different coconut preparations combined with Epsom salt which is a strong laxative. The subjects that were given either 400 grams of fresh coconut or 200 grams of dried coconut followed with Epsom salt successfully expelled parasites. After 12 hours, it was learned that those who were given dried coconut expelled 90 percent of parasites while those who took fresh coconut expelled 60% of parasites. Therefore dried coconut is much effective than fresh coconut as a vermifuge.


The health condition of the subjects was checked six months after the study and 1/3 of them had no reoccurrence of parasites. Majority of those who were infested with tapeworms again acquire it from eating improperly cooked raw beef.


Coconut is said to be a natural cure for those infested with tapeworms and parasites. It is a cheap and highly effective remedy with no side effects.
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
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