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Virgin Coconut Oil for Everyday Life
Coconut Oil Can Help You Achieve a Slim Waistline

Who doesn’t want a slim waistline and toned abs? Many people aspire to have a smaller waistline because of aesthetic purposes. However, maintaining a slim waistline is important not only because it makes one look good but more so because it is a sign of good health.


It can be said that the life expectancy of an individual can be predicted just by looking at the waistline. The big size of your waist can mean a buildup of visceral fat. This type of fat is dangerous as it is being linked to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.


Reducing the size of one’s waist is not easy; it takes effort and discipline. It means regular exercise, eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding harmful vices.

One supplement to one’s diet that can help one achieve a slim waistline is coconut oil and this has been proven by research. Research proves that coconut oil can help one lose weight and lower cholesterol levels. This is possible because coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that stimulates metabolism and promote weight loss.


What is a Healthy Waistline?


To check if your waistline is in the healthy range, you can check the measurement the distance from the abdomen area below the rib cage to the top of the belly button, then refer to the guide below:


For Male: a measurement from 37 to 40 inches is overweight while more than 40 inches is considered obese.


For Female: a measurement from 31.5-34.6 inches is overweight and more than 34.6 inches is considered obese


Coconut Oil Can Give You Your Ideal Waistline


A research study showed that adding coconut oil to the food of 20 obese men for one month significantly reduced their waist size.


Researchers said, “Virgin coconut oil is efficacious for WC [waist circumference] reduction especially in males and it is safe for use in humans."


A similar study on women was done for three months and it showed that coconut oil as a supplement in one’s diet reduce waist size.


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