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Virgin Coconut Oil as Medicine
Coconut Oil as Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

Are you suffering from red, itchy and watery eyes? You may be suffering from conjunctivitis or what is commonly known as pink or sore eyes. Though a pink or sore eyes is generally easy to treat, it can cause quite a discomfort because it is contagious and a sufferer usually has to take a leave from work, school or other important matters to avoid passing the disease to others.


Pink or sore eyes is caused by a virus, bacteria or fungus. Aside from itching and redness, others symptoms would include swollen eyelids and a thick whitish discharge. The treatment for pink eyes would depend on its severity. Severe cases may require medication while mild cases can easily be treated with home remedies. One safe and effective home remedy for pink eye is virgin coconut oil.


How Can Coconut Oil Treat Pink Eye


Virgin coconut oil can prevent or fight the infection that causes pink eye because it is full of essential nutrients that can strengthen the immune system.


Using coconut oil as a cure for sore eyes is very simple. Just moisten a cotton ball or soft cloth with VCO and then press it on the closed eyelids. Afterwards a warm or cold compress can be applied on affected eye.


The warm compress is recommended for itchy eyes while a cold compress would reduce the inflammation of swelling eyes. One can use cold and warm compress alternately. The procedure can be done two to three times a day for several days until the pink eye is cured. One can also take virgin coconut oil orally by taking 3 to 4 tbsps. each day. Regular intake of coconut oil would not only prevent and cure the pink eye; it would also improve one’s overall health, thereby preventing other diseases.


Before trying this remedy, one is advised to first consult an eye doctor so they can correctly assessed if the eye disease can be cured by simple home remedy or further medication would be needed.






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