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The Virgin Coconut is a website dedicated to provide needed information about virgin coconut oil, from basic facts to health benefits, to latest researches and news about it.
VCO Health Benefits
Have you experienced the healing benefits of coconut oil? Want to share how using virgin coconut oil has helped you in any way? You can let others know about it.
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Want to Stay Healthy and Fit? Try Virgin Coconut Oil
Topical Uses of Virgin Coconut Oil

 Virgin coconut oil is one of the few herbal supplements that you can enjoy both ways; internally and externally. Taking the recommended dosage of three tablespoons a day of virgin coconut oil is beneficial but simply applying it on skin can also help you in a variety ways.


Improve your Immune System with Virgin Coconut Oil

Your officemate sneezes and immediately you are down with the flu. Your allergy to dust, pets, and seafoods limits your actions and interfere with your activities. These are signs that you have a weak immune system. Your body doesn’t need to suffer from all these hassles. Protect yourself with virgin coconut oil!

Free your Body from Toxins with Virgin Coconut Oil!

Pollutions, harmful chemicals, disease-causing germs and bacteria…all these unsafe elements penetrate our body without our knowledge. Excessive build up of these toxins inside the body results in many diseases. Virgin coconut oil is a good detoxifier that can keep you clean inside and out.

Free your Liver from Gallstones with VCO

Prevention is the still the best cure. But all is not loss for those who are already afflicted with liver gallstone. Virgin Coconut Oil can greatly help to cleanse your liver, flush out the gallstones, and improve your health.

Increase Your Energy, Accomplish More with Virgin Coconut Oil!

Your mind is full of wonderful plans. There are so many things that you want to achieve and accomplish. But every time you begin to fulfill a task, you find yourself too weary and exhausted. Sound familiar? Don’t let lack of energy destroy your dreams and visions! Let virgin coconut oil help you.

VCO”Cure for Hypothyroidism”

Experts say that almost 40% of the world’s population is suffering from some form of thyroid disorder. Virgin Coconut Oil is a natural and effective therapy.

Virgin Coconut Oil "Good for your Liver and Kidney"

Healthy liver and kidney is vital to ensure the proper functioning of one’s body. Taking virgin coconut oil can keep these two organs of the excretory system in the pink of health.

Virgin Coconut Oil "Heart-Friendly Fat"

Heart ailment is a killer disease. Statistics prove that it remains to be the leading cause of death worldwide taking 7.2 million lives per year. It’s a sickness that spares no one. Young, old, fat, or thin, anybody can suffer a heart attack.  But proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can save your heart. Virgin coconut oil can greatly help.

Virgin Coconut Oil "Superior Weapon Against Deadly Cancer"

There are some things in this world that we all dread to hear. Something no one hopes to experience. And a physician confirming that you are afflicted with fatal cancer is definitely one of it! But thanks to virgin coconut oil, there is after all a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation.

Virgin Coconut Oil "The Wonder Drug in the Form of Oil"

Alexander Fleming’s discovery of the wonder drug “penicillin” is a medical breakthrough that changed the way people look at diseases and revolutionize modern medicine. Little did we realize that the real wonder drug is being used and available since the beginning of time…the virgin coconut oil!

Total of 11 articles
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