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The Virgin Coconut is a website dedicated to provide needed information about virgin coconut oil, from basic facts to health benefits, to latest researches and news about it.
Virgin Coconut Oil for Everyday Life
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Five Ways VCO Can Make Cooking More Fun
Coconut oil is a great cooking companion because it would make your food tastier and healthier. Here are five reasons why you would want to keep a bottle of VCO in your kitchen cabinet:
Coconut Oil Can Help You Achieve a Slim Waistline
Research proves that coconut oil can help one lose weight and lower cholesterol levels. This is possible because coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that stimulates metabolism and promote weight loss.
DIY Effective Hair Treatment with Virgin Coconut Oil
Donít know what to do with your dry and unmanageable hair? A do it yourself deep hair conditioning will make your hair smooth and shiny and the key ingredient you need is virgin coconut oil (VCO).
Why Virgin Coconut Oil is the Best Lotion
Virgin coconut oil is a natural alternative as body lotion. It is all-natural and is said to be the best moisturizer. Most hand and body lotions that are available in the market can indeed make the skin soft but in the end, it only makes the skin drier.
Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil to Your Dog
Reports say that the best product you can give your dog is actually virgin coconut oil (VCO.) Giving VCO to your pet dog either internally or externally has numerous benefits. Here are some of them:
Five Ways to Use Virgin Coconut Oil
The packaging and appearance of virgin coconut oil may be simple but this oil is extraordinary with the number of ways you can benefit from it.
Coconut Oil: The Best Oil to Use For Cooking
Aside from coconut oil, there are many healthy oils to choose from such as olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, etc. All of them provides lots of benefits for the body and are a healthier alternative to common vegetable oils. However recent report suggests that among all the healthy oils available in the market, coconut oil seems to be the best choice for cooking.
Remove Grease and Make-Up Easily with Coconut Oil
Do you know that you can use virgin coconut oil to get rid of hard to remove stains and dirt such as grease, oils, paints, varnish, and printing ink? We all know that these things sticks and stays in oneís body. Removing it takes effort because an ordinary soap and cleanser just wonít do.
How To Make Your Own Coconut Butter
A jar of coconut butter may cost from USD 8 to USD 12. But do you know that you can also easily make your own coconut butter and save money in the process. Hereís how:
Using Coconut Is One Natural Way To Look Younger
Coconut products have lots of health benefits. So people are advised to make it a part of their regular diet. Eat the coconut meat, drink coconut water and use virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil when taken internally strengthens the immune system, increase metabolism, and another source of antioxidants, etc.
Coconut Milk and Breast Milk: Effective Ingredients For An Anti-Acne Face Cream
According to the scientist that conducted the study, the lauric acid component of vco and human breast milk is the reason why it can cure acne. To create the skin product, he developed a "smart delivery system" that would be able to deliver lauric-acid-filled nano-scale bombs directly to skin-dwelling bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) that cause common acne.
Health Benefits Of Other Coconut Products
Nowadays, virgin coconut oil (VCO) is the most popular among coconut products. But the tree where it comes from would not have been called the tree of life if the oil extract from the fruit is the only thing useful. Aside from using and consuming virgin coconut oil, there are also other coconut products that you can try.
How To Use Virgin Coconut Oil For Your Cooking
If you really want to benefit from all the goodness that virgin coconut oil (VCO) can do to your body but finds it difficult to take it as it is, you can try using it for your cooking. You can have your daily dose of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) by replacing usual cooking ingredients with VCO. Here are some of the ways on how you can use your VCO for your meals and snacks.
Quench Your Thirst With Coconut Beverages
The water from the young coconut fruit is one of the healthiest drinks on earth. Drinking it does not only quench your thirst, it also gives lots of benefits to your body. Drinking the coconut water as it is (straight from the coconut) is already a treat but do you know that you can do a lot of things to add spice to this drink
How To Cure Insomnia Using Coconut Oil
Surprisingly, one can also resort to nature and use coconut oil to cure insomnia. This is because coconut oil has the ability to regulate body functions and helps one sleep easily. So for those who want a relief from insomnia, hereís a natural cure using coconut oil that you can try:
How To Make A Healthy Sandwich Spread Using VCO

That is by eating a peanut butter that is made of healthier ingredients. Instead of using regular nuts, one can substitute almonds for a healthier alternative. And instead of regular vegetable oil, once can use virgin coconut oil which has many benefits on oneís body. The healthier version of peanut butter may even taste better. And guess what, you can also do it easily at home so check out the recipe below.


Virgin Coconut Oil: Great As Hair Conditioner

Using virgin coconut oil in your hair has many benefits. Aside from making your hair soft and smooth, it also helps one prevent and get rid of hair and scalp problems such as dandruff because of its anti-fungal properties.

Make Your Own Toothpaste and Mouthwash with VCO
Buying a bottle of virgin coconut oil is definitely worth it. This is because you can use it in so many ways. Whether for health or vanity reasons, there are a thousand ways one can use virgin coconut oil.
Get Rid of Smelly Feet With Coconut Oil
Having a smelly feet and itchy feet is embarrassing. It is commonly referred to as athleteís foot because it is usual for athletes to develop this condition, because they usually wear tight fitting shoes for long periods of time. However, this is not a condition that is exclusive for athletes only.
The Many Uses of Virgin Coconut Oil
Purchasing a virgin coconut oil (VCO) is definitely worth it because you can use it in so many ways. Aside from the fact that it is like a medicine cabinet in a bottle because it can be used as a remedy for various aliments, it is also considered to be a total beauty product. If you are still unconvinced about the many benefits of using VCO, read on to know the various ways you can use it:

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