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The Virgin Coconut is a website dedicated to provide needed information about virgin coconut oil, from basic facts to health benefits, to latest researches and news about it.
Virgin Coconut Oil News
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Study Proves Regular Intake of VCO Increase Libido
A research study done by a team of doctors from the University of Sto.Tomas (UST) confirmed that regular consumption of virgin coconut oil (VCO) can increase one’s sexual activity. The UST study was commissioned by the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA).
New Research Proves Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
A new innovative research done in Sri Lanka by Professor Kapila Seneviratne and his team at Kelaniya University showed that coconut oil contains properties that can prevent or cure many diseases.
Studies Proved That Coconut Diet Decreases Risk OF Heart Disease
The people in countries/regions where coconut is abundant have lower incidence of heart disease. This is the result of a new study conducted by the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), an institution committed to the coconut industry of the Philippines.
Coconut For Your Cars!
Scientists are also proposing that the oil extracted from the coconut fruit can be used as a fuel to run vehicles. From the recent experiments of scientists and inventors, it is not impossible to assume that soon, coconuts will have a big role in the automobile industry.
Virgin Coconut Oil: A Hot Online Product

Apparently Nutiva, a brand of virgin coconut oil products tops the list of consumer’s choice of natural gifts last Christmas season. The demand for VCO surpasses the request for other organic products such as tea, lollipops, coffee , agave syrup and soymilk.

Coconut Products: More Clinical Studies Needed To Support Claims of Health Benefits

The PCA Administrator is confident that once sufficient research has been done, the coconut industry will be a big help in boosting the Philippine economy.

Coconut Oil Proven To Prevent Heart Disease

According to a research done by Dr Sagarika Ekanayake of the Faculty of Science of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka, regular consumption of coconut oil reduces the risk of having heart problems.

New Studies Proved Fat Content of Coconut Is Not Bad
Studies show that the coconut fruit and even the water are teeming with health benefits. The coconut water is very good for the body because compared to other fruit juices; it contains less sugar and has no fat and protein.
Replanting Technique Proposed to Improve the Coconut Industry
The Coconut Industry Investment Fund-Oil Mills Group (CIIF-OMG) proposes a modern technique of tissue culture called coconut replanting technique that would get the most out of seedlings production thus increasing production of copra products in the Philippines.
There Is A Way to Extract More Oil From Coconuts

A group of experts in Brunei discovered a way to extract more oil from coconut. This discovery would lead to increase virgin coconut oil (VCO) production and hopefully would make the price of VCO more affordable.

23 % Growth Rate on Coconut Oil Export

Philippines is the top exporter of coconut products particularly coconut oil in the world and the data from the United Coconut Associations of the Philippines Inc (UCAP) recently had good news to share. According to the preliminary UCAP reports, the coconut oil export grew 23 percent more last June as compared to the export rate that it generated last year.

Coconut: Wonder Nut in India

In New Delhi, people drink the coconut water, used the coconut milk as fiber and apply the oil in their hair to make it healthy and shiny. Coconut is also used to make roofs, broomsticks and handicrafts.

Scientific Data To Prove VCO’s Health Benefits
With the aim to provide scientific evidence of VCO’s effectiveness, a group of researchers led by Dayrit at the National Chemistry Instrumentation Center (NCIC) are implementing advanced methods to conduct experiments with various VCO products.
VCO Massage Oil Offered by Philippine Firm

If you are looking for virgin coconut oil (VCO) products, you may want to get in touch with the Samahan ng Magsasaka sa Barangay Nieva, located in Heneralona, Quezon Philippines.

Philippines Encouraged Farmers to Plant Coconut
With the aim to increase coconut production this year, the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) encouraged farmers in the Eastern Visayas region to plant more coconuts by offering them cash incentives.

Coconut Products: Thriving Industry in the Philippines

It is wise to invest with coconut products as the 2007 data from the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) revealed that they are a good product for export.


VCO Manufacturing Plants in the Philippines

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo commands two government agencies to put up VCO manufacturing plants in coconut-growing provinces of the country.

Manufacturers Compete to Offer VCO of Better Quality

The demand for VCO made it a hot export product for other coconut-growing countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. As a result, the countries mentioned are all trying to produce VCO of higher standards to snatch the N0. 1 status of the Philippines in terms of VCO production.

Total of 18 articles
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