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Virgin Coconut Oil Products
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Vegetarians Love Organic Coco Spread
One product, the Organic Coconut Spread, from the company, Earth Balance is gaining popularity in the United States of America (USA). In fact, VegNews, a lifestyle magazine for vegetarians reported that Earth Balance® Organic Coconut Spread is included in the 12 hottest new vegetarian products for 2010.
Coconut Water: Popular Drink Among Hollywood Celebrities
The humble coconut water is gaining popularity in Hollywood nowadays because some celebrities are spotted drinking this natural health drink. The particular brand of coconut water that celebrities such as Madonna, Anna Paquin, Demi Moore, Chris Pine, Kristin Cavallari, Ed Westwick, Karolina Kurkova, AnnaLynne McCord and Kara DioGuardi is drinking is Vita Coco.
Get More Fiber From Coconut Flour
To get more fiber and be healthier- one can also try using coconut flour. It is made from coconut meat which is dried and powdered just like wheat flour. Like ordinary flour, it can be used as a main ingredient in making cookies, breads, muffins etc.
Make Your Own Shampoo and Bath Soap With Coconuts
Yes, one can easily make baths soaps and shampoos at home. One key ingredient is coconut oil and coconut milk. You will not only save money, you are also assured that the soap and shampoo you are using is free of harmful chemicals. You can use it to start a profitable business or simply give it as a personal gift to family and friends. Here’s how you can make bath soap and shampoo by using coconut milk and coconut oil:
Start A Virgin Coconut Oil Business

Small entrepreneurs can make their own virgin coconut oil and put them up for sale or use the VCO extract to create natural and earth friendly products such as soap, perfume, lotions etc.

Virgin Coconut Oil: An Earth Friendly Product

This makes virgin coconut oil (vco) an in-demand product as it is an important ingredient of many earth-friendly products such as soaps, massage oils, lotions, etc.

Tropical Traditions Natural Liquid Soap
Soaps of tropical traditions used 100% organic virgin coconut oil as its base while the scented versions used premium organic essential oils.
ORGANIC FIJI Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Body & Hair

This product serves as an all in one beauty essential as it can be used as body moisturizer, massage oil and hair conditioner.

Coconut Oil Soaps From Tropical Traditions

The soaps come in two varieties, the scented and the unscented. The unscented ones contain Organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil while the scented soaps use only high-quality organic essential oils.

Total of 9 articles
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